The Alafia River (pronounced AL-uh-fi, and not AL-uh-FI-uh) which runs quietly through Riverview and empties into the Hillsborough Bay is the focal point of this sleepy Florida town. On the weekends you will find many Riverview residents out on the Alafia River enjoying the many activities a river can provide such as boating, fishing, skiing, canoeing, jet-skiing, or just having a cookout at the Riverview Civic Center, which is right next door to the river. Big city infrastructure is nearby, but the quaintness of Riverview remains.

Riverview has a total area of 9.4 miles², is a suburb southeast of Tampa, east of Gibsonton, north of Ruskin and within minutes of shopping in the Brandon area. The population, as of the 2010 census, was 71,050 but this area is fast growing. 

Riverview was first known as Peru from an Indian name for the straight part of the river.  The Peruvian Mining Company located here mined phosphate from the Alafia River worked in the area. The town is thought to have been founded in 1856. Only later was it named Riverview.

Riverview is one of the more affordable places to live for those looking to relocate as the commute is not long to Tampa and St Petersburg

The Historic Moody Home was built in 1896 and purchased about 1902 by the grandson of Riverview\'s first pioneer, Benjamin Moody.  This house is a community treasure due to its long association with the Moody family who are the descendants of the first settler in his area, Benjamin Moody, who arrived in what is now Riverview in 1842.

Located on St. Stephen school campus the Spring Jubilee sprawl over 38 acres each April with carnival rides, food, and entertainment.

The climate for Riverview is Semi-tropical with an average winter temperature of 62.5 degrees F and an average summer temperature of 81.4 degrees F. Riverview\'s average annual rainfall is 46.7 inches per year.

Colleges/Universities nearest to Riverview:
University of South Florida
Hillsborough Community College
University of Tampa

Public Schools in Riverview:
Boyette Springs Elementary School
Collins Elementary School
Summerfield Elementary School
Sessums Elementary School
Ippolito Elementary School
Frost Elementary School
Riverview Elementary School
Symmes Elementary School
Summerfield Crossings Elementary School
Giunta Middle School
Rodgers Middle School
Riverview High School
Spoto High School

Charter Schools:

LLT Academy K-8th

Bell Creek Academy High School

Valrico Lake Advantage Academy Elementary

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