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When property management goes wrong, you could be left holding the bill for thousands of dollars in damages and months of unpaid rent—with no idea what to do next or where to turn. Your days will be spent just trying to stay afloat. But when property management goes right? That's when you'll find yourself with peace of mind, passive income,  and time to spend on what matters the most.

We know your home plays a vital role in your long term investment strategy. Imagine a world where you can live life to the fullest, knowing your investment property is safe in the hands of someone you trust. Our 3-step plan takes the guesswork out of property management so you can move forward with less stress.


When we onboard your home, we’ll run it through our detailed checklist to coordinate and complete any necessary work.  Your home will make the best first impression, rent faster at top-dollar, and maintain it’s value longer.


Our rentals plug into the same marketing machine that our listings do, allowing us to take advantage of a large advertising budget.  Maximizing exposure is crucial to minimizing vacancy. Often our homes are rented with few to no days on the market.


We take our responsibility for helping you reach your real estate goals seriously. Use monthly rent payments to pay down your mortgage and increase equity while maximizing your tax deductions with included monthly and year-end reports. 


Managing a home is a time-consuming endeavor.  Knowing the current law, enacting procedures to ensure Fair Housing laws are followed, drafting enforceable leases and notices, documenting the home to avoid deposit claim disputes, ensuring rent is paid on time, managing repairs, it quickly adds up. Plus, we’re often able to nearly pay for ourselves just by minimizing your vacancy!

We direct deposit your owner proceeds to the bank account of your choosing on the last business day of each month.  The amount will reflect the rent received, less management fees and other expenses like repairs and lawn care.

You’ll receive a monthly owner report via email that details all financial transactions incurred year-to-date, as well as service tickets and associated notes describing work done on the property.  If an emergency arises or a particularly expensive repair is required, we’ll reach out to you via phone and email to make sure you’re in the loop.

As much as the market will bear. We require our homes to be in tip-top condition and accordingly, they rent for the high end of market rates.  Our goal is to get the highest amount of rent, but not at the expense of vacancy. To get a complimentary market analysis of your home's rent value, contact us today, or visit EatonRealty.com/RentValue.

We collect detailed information from each occupant over the age of 18 and complete a thorough screening to investigate criminal backgrounds, creditworthiness, current and past income and expenses.  Tenants that do not meet our Resident Selection Criteria may sometimes be approved with conditions (typically increased security deposits) to offset their increased risk. We process applications similar to a mortgage by looking at their debt-to-income ratio to be sure they can afford the new rent.

We work with our trusted network of contractors to maintain and repair your home when issues arise.  Charges for repairs are deducted from the rent each month. We also use our database to analyze repairs. For example, we track how often appliances have been repaired which helps us to understand when to stop throwing money at further repairs and replace it instead. With the exception of an emergency, any repairs over $500 must first be approved by the homeowner before we can move forward.

Every Eaton Realty rental home receives professional HDR photography, 3D virtual tour, and is marketed 365 days a year- yes, even while occupied. We use multiple channels to ensure the properties receive maximum exposure - Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, social media, direct mail campaigns, and more. Often, the properties rent before this is even necessary. A benefit of renting with a top-selling brokerage with a large advertising budget is that our rentals plug into the same marketing machine that our listings do.

Yes!  All expenses related to the rental property, including management fees, repairs and maintenance are typically tax-deductible in the US.  Consult your tax professional for specific tax-related advice.

You’re responsible for paying your mortgage, HOA fees, and insurance.  We'll pay for all maintenance services on your behalf such as lawn care and pool cleaning, as well as vendors that make any repairs.

Your insurance will typically go DOWN since you won’t need to insure the contents of the home, only the structure itself.  If you previously lived in the home, it is important to contact your insurance company to change the policy to a landlord policy.

We screen carefully and work diligently to set expectations with tenants to prevent getting to the eviction stage.  Still, evictions are sometimes necessary. We handle filing the eviction on your behalf and in most cases (unless you’ve had direct communication with the tenant) you won’t need to appear in court.  Court costs and attorney fees will charged to your account.




$ One Month’s Rent*
*Minimum rates apply. Contact us for details.


Professional Photography & Virtual Tour

Featured Listing on EatonRealty.com

Premium MLS Entry

Top Placement on Zillow

Yard Sign, Flyer Box

Thorough Tenant Screening

Lease Preparation Drafted by Florida Attorney​​​​​​​



$ One Month’s Rent*
+ 10% Monthly Rent Rate*
(additional tenants $995)
(lease renewals $250)

*Minimum rates apply. Contact us for details.


All Basic Services, PLUS

Monthly Rent Collection

Detailed Monthly Accounting

HOA Paperwork Submission

Service Coordination & Invoice Payment (i.e. yard, pool, etc)

We handle all maintenance requests

Tenant Check-In/Check-Out Procedure including extensive photos

Eviction Processing (eviction fees additional)

Property Restoration after the tenant vacates

Year-End Tax Statements

Prep & Send 1099’s to Vendors & IRS

No Monthly Vacancy Fee



​​​​​​​$ Contact Us For Pricing


Perfect for investors with 5 or more properties. Receive our full Concierge Pro level property management services for each property, at a discounted rate!

Need help finding the perfect investment property to purchase? Our team has extensive experience in vetting homes that will maximize your ROI. 

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Eaton Realty is committed to making your Tampa Bay real estate journey a success. Our award-winning brokerage is a leader in service and support. When you need to buy, sell, rent, or manage a home, you want a team by your side with a proven track record. We understand your needs because we’ve been there ourselves and have helped thousands of families find real estate freedom. Experience the Eaton Difference for yourself today.

6 Stepsto effectively managing a home

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Eaton Realty Does Business In Accordance With All Federal Fair Housing Laws