The waterfront community of Ruskin embodies Florida living. Sitting on both Tampa Bay and the Little Manatee River, you'll find a town that fully embraces outdoor living. Founded by Dr. George McAnelly Miller and his wife and brother-in-law in honor of social reformist John Ruskin, the vision of the community was one of equality and idealism.

Marking the 100th anniversary of the community in 2008, the town announced the BIG DRAW-Ruskin that celebrates the importance of arts in education and the community. 

When moving to Ruskin, be sure to check out:

Little Manatee River State Park offers 20 miles of hiking and equestrian trails, camping, fishing, and boating opportunities.

Ruskin Family Drive-In opened in 1952 and offers a snack bar and multiple features each week.

The Leisey Shell Pits is one of the world's largest ice age fossil deposits

Both the McAnelly House and the A.P. Dickman House, McAnelly's Brother-in-law, are both still standing and are included in the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2014 Amazon opened a fulfillment center that brought 3,000 jobs to the area and is about 10 times the size of a typical Home Depot. As more neighborhoods pop up, residents can find plenty of local dining and shopping options and commuters looking for an easy drive into Tampa can quickly hop onto Hwy 41 or I-75.

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