A small community located East of Tampa, Seffner is experiencing a rise in housing, shopping and dining as more and more people move to the area. In 1884, Seffner opened it's first Post Ofice, school and general store ad because the exact founding date is unknown, this year is used as the unofficial beginning of the town. Like so many towns in the area, Seffner quickly grew thanks in part to the South Florida Railroad that connected Plant City and Tampa and during an outbreak of Yellow Fever in Tampa, quickly became a refuge for those escaping the city. Growth slowed after WWII when residents relocated back to Tampa, but in recent years, Seffner has experienced a come back as Brandon and Tampa continue to expand and the demand for housing rises. 

In 2017, Hillsborough County Parks opened the Seffner CommUNITY Park and Gardens, featuring gazebos, pathways, and a community garden.

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