Condos For Sale In Apollo Beach

Condos For Sale In Apollo Beach

Find The Perfect Condo At The Perfect Price In Apollo Beach

Condos can offer a unique and low-maintenance living experience for home buyers. Apollo Beach offers condo complexes with inviting communities and exciting amenities. Search below for available condos for sale in Apollo Beach. 

Defining What A Condo Is

Condominiums, or condos for short, are similar to apartments in many ways, and the two are sometimes conflated. In reality, a condo shares some of the features of apartments, as well as features of single-family homes. Like apartments, condos are typically individual units inside larger buildings or complexes with shared entrances and grounds. Condos share walls with other units, and units may be situated above and below one another. However, unlike apartments, condo units are owned by individual residents rather than rented. 

Benefits Of Owning A Condo

Home buyers may prefer condos to single-family homes because they come with many of the benefits of owning property but fewer responsibilities than single-family homes. Owning a condo also comes with some other benefits you may not have considered. 

Lower Costs

The cost of condos can vary greatly depending on size, style, location, and other factors. A luxury condo can easily cost more than a modest single-family home, but in many cases, condos offer a cheaper option for homebuyers. Their generally smaller size keeps condo down payment and mortgage costs relatively low, as well as other associated real estate costs. Buyers still benefit from having equity in their property as opposed to renting. 

Connection To Community

For outgoing and social residents, the close proximity to neighbors can be appealing, as it offers a chance to connect and build community. Some condo associations have committees dedicated to planning social events to promote friendships and create a strong sense of community. 

Condo Amenities 

An appealing perk to living in a condo community is that you can access shared spaces and amenities for residents only. Compared to the costs for a single-family homeowner to install and maintain features like a pool or hot tub, the costs to condo owners to enjoy shared amenities are small. Amenities and common spaces can vary from one condo complex to another, so be sure to check with each complex you’re interested in to see which amenities they include. Some amenities you may see:

  • Pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Spas
  • Fitness Centers
  • Tennis Courts
  • Rooftop Terraces
  • Club House/Social Hall

Condo Security

Condos can offer some peace of mind with some extra security benefits. Many condos have security cameras, secured entrances, or even guards posted inside. Some condos also have controlled access, similar to a gated community. Living near neighbors can also provide a sense of security. 

Lower Maintenance

For homebuyers who don’t want the hassle of maintaining a lawn, landscaping, and dealing with major home fixes, condo living can be a great choice. While condo residents are responsible for maintaining the inside of their units, the condo association typically covers exterior maintenance. You can mark those tedious maintenance tasks, including roof repairs and replacement and maintaining common spaces, off your list. 

Potential For Home Improvements

Even though condos appear similar to apartments, condo owners have a lot of flexibility to personalize their homes that renters don’t have. Condo owners can make upgrades and do home improvement projects on their condo interiors. If you want to paint the walls, upgrade your kitchen appliances, or hang pictures and shelves, you have the freedom to do so. 

Considerations Of Buying A Condo

Although there are benefits to buying a condo for many home buyers, there are also a few drawbacks to consider before making a condo purchase. 

Maintenance And Association Fees

While you’ll likely save on a down payment and mortgage for a condo compared to buying a single-family home, there are also some additional costs associated with condo ownership, most notably fees for maintenance and condo association membership. These fees are not optional because they will cover the work that may need to be done for the exterior of the building to keep it in good condition. Condo association fees are similar to those in a single-family home for a homeowners association. For many condo owners, the perks granted by the condo association and the convenience of having maintenance taken care of makeup for the cost of these fees. 

Condo Association Rules

Because of the close proximity of neighbors in a condominium complex, condo associations typically have a list of strictly enforced rules for residents to follow. These rules may include pet restrictions, noise regulations, and rules around visitors and guests. Keep in mind that these rules are in place for your comfort and the comfort of other residents. Be sure to learn about any condo association rules before purchasing a condo, and make sure they fit your lifestyle. 

Limited Privacy

Some condo owners love being close to their neighbors, but for some people, sharing a building with others feels like an infringement on their privacy. If you value your space and privacy, remember that shared entrances and common spaces make it likely that you’ll bump into your neighbors regularly. Shared walls also mean you may hear your neighbors sometimes and that they may occasionally be able to hear you. 

Space Limitations

Like houses, condos come in a variety of sizes. However, compared to most single-family homes, condos are typically smaller. Besides square footage of your living space, condos may also have less storage space. Many condos do come with a garage where you can store larger items, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to stash things outside in shared entryways and other spaces. 

Condo Or Single Family Home: Which Is Best For You?

Deciding between buying a condo and a single-family home ultimately comes down to your personal needs and preferences. A single-family home may give you more freedom, privacy, and space but will cost you time and money. If you’re exploring both types of housing options, be sure to look into the specific amenities, rules, and fees associated with each condo complex you look at. A realtor can help you explore both options and weigh the pros and cons to determine the best type of home for you and your family. 

Work With An Eaton Realtor To Find Your Dream Condo

At Eaton Realty, we’ve been working with homebuyers throughout Hillsborough County to find homes of all kinds since 2003. We can help you start your search for condos in Apollo Beach and find a condo that fits your needs. We’ll help you get to know the area and schedule viewings for condos you’re interested in. Once we’ve found the condo of your dreams, we’ll help you negotiate pricing and walk you through the closing process. 

Buying a home can be stressful, but with a realtor you trust, it can become an exciting adventure. At Eaton Realty, we want to make your home-buying experience as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to get started. Searching for a condo to use as a rental? Our Apollo Beach property management team can help you find a condo to buy and get it listed for rent.

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