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Named one of Tampa Bay's Top Property Management Companies, we're experts at providing a superior tenant experience.

Too often, the needs of tenants are neglected or not taken seriously. In fact, many real estate agents refuse to even work with renters. At Eaton Realty, we believe tenants are important and deserve the same level of concierge service we provide to everyone. When you rent with Eaton Realty, you can expect to be working with the area’s most experienced and professional Property Management Team.

With hundreds of properties to choose from, we’ll help you find just the right house for you to feel at home. Not only are our properties some of the cleanest and well-maintained, but we also add value by including services such as lawn care, fertilization, pool care, and our Resident Benefits Package. Establishing open communication and trust from the beginning is vital to our relationship. 

1. Search

Finding your next home can be overwhelming. When it’s time to start the search, don’t go it alone. Our agents are here to help you tour not just Eaton Realty managed homes, but all available rentals in the area.


We take great pride in finding the perfect tenant for each home and the perfect home for each tenant. Once you've found a home you love, we've made the application process simple and straightforward. Apply directly on the individual property page to get started. 


We want you to love your home for however long you are with us. All Eaton Realty tenants will receive our Resident Benefits Package, a collection of products and services built to help you stress less and enjoy more.


When you're searching for your next Tampa Bay rental home, make sure you have someone in your corner looking out for your best interests. Our agents have years of experience helping tenants navigate the rental market. Whether an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home, your Eaton Realty agent can show them all, help you understand the application process, and is there when you're ready for another change. They are your REALTOR for life!


From application to move-out, we’ve simplified every step of your rental journey for a stress-free experience. Rest easy knowing you are renting with Tampa Bay's top property management company! Our $49 Resident Benefits Package is required with each property we manage and is charged as additional rent each month, providing a host of time and money-saving perks, including:

  • Breathe Easy
    Life in Tampa Bay is difficult without air conditioning. But forcing air through a dirty air filter costs you money and increases the chances the AC will go down when you need it most. Gone are the days of forgetting to change the filter or wasted trips to the store buying the wrong size. As an Eaton Realty resident, enjoy monthly air filter delivery right to your front door.
  • Responsive Maintenance
    Service requests can be inconvenient and frustrating. We've taken the hassle out of service tickets. Resolve service tickets quickly with our text-friendly platform. Submit and track your ticket's status in real-time and coordinate directly with vendors, ensuring you are always in the loop. What's more, select Eaton Realty homes include various preventative maintenance agreements, allowing us to keep major systems running in top condition.
  • Rewarding Rent Payments
    Never write another check again! Our top-of-the-line integrative property management software makes online rent payment easy and rewarding.
    • Pay Online: Set-it-and-forget-it automatic payments can be managed from within your tenant portal, ensuring you never miss a payment.
    • Late Pass: If life gets crazy and you accidentally miss a payment deadline, take advantage of your one-time waived late fee to help you get back on track.
  • One Phone Call Does It All
    If you've ever moved before, you know how time-consuming switching your utilities can be, with hours wasted wading through automated systems and sitting on hold. Moving into an Eaton Realty home is different. After one phone call with our partner Citizen Home Solutions, you can sit back while they handle the setup process on your behalf. From electricity to internet to cable TV, they'll set up all your services so you can be ready to go from Day 1.
  • Streamlined Move-Out Procedures
    We hate to see our tenants leave but understand that’s sometimes what life demands. From the day you notify us of your intent to vacate, we’re with you every step of the way. Our comprehensive step-by-step move-out packet takes the guesswork out of the process. From coordinating your move-out cleanings to courtesy inspections and free Verifications of Rent, our goal is to work with you for a full security deposit refund and get you into your next home with less stress.
  • Plus So Much More!
    The benefits of renting with Eaton Realty are endless! Geared toward making your time with us exceptional, we've packed our Resident Benefits Package full of experience-enhancing features including, but not limited to:

    • Monthly Maintenance Emails
    • Routine Inspections
    • Digital Move-In Reports
    • One-Time Lock-Out Fee Waiver
    • Home Buying Assistance

Learn more about our Resident Benefits Package—Contact a member of our Property Management Team today.

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FAQs About Renting A Home In Hillsborough County

When looking for the perfect house to rent, there are several things you should consider before beginning your search. Calculate your monthly expenses to determine your budget, and remember that there are usually additional costs when you start renting, such as application fees, a security deposit, and the first and last month’s rent. 

Research the area you plan to rent to learn about average rental rates and understand the neighborhood’s features and amenities. Working with a rental Realtor is a great way to find a rental home that’s in your budget and meets your needs. Our realtors can help you schedule showings for any of our rentals throughout Hillsborough County. We have rentals in Brandon, Apollo Beach, Temple Terrace, Gibsonton, Ruskin, Lithia, Plant City, Riverview, Dover, Seffner, Tampa, Thonotosassa, Valrico, Wimauma, and more.

When you’ve found a home you’re interested in renting, you must fill out a rental application. If you’re applying for one of our rental homes, you'll follow the "Apply Now" button on the property description page of our website.

Rental applications include your basic contact information, employment and income history, rental history, references, and permission to do a background check.

Rental applications often ask for references. We'll ask for the name and contact information of your previous landlord so that we may follow up to ensure you’re a responsible tenant and took good care of their property while you lived there. Landlords may also check with previous landlords and utility companies to verify your payment history and make sure you will be able to make monthly rent payments.

Landlords must verify that you are who you say you are before signing a rental agreement. Be prepared to show a driver's license or passport as proof of identity. The application process will also require you to use your smartphone’s camera to verify that you match your photo ID.

A security deposit is a set amount of money that the renter pays at the beginning of the lease to guarantee that the house will be kept in good condition. The landlord holds the security deposit for the duration of the lease. It is returned to the tenant when the lease is terminated, granted that the property is still in good condition and no major repairs are needed after a move-out inspection.

Renters insurance protects your belongings in case of theft, fire, or natural disasters that cause damage to your property. The landlord has insurance to cover the house but not your belongings. Suppose a water leak in an upstairs bathroom leaks through the ceiling and damages your furniture on the first floor below. Without renters insurance, you will be responsible for the cost to replace the damaged furniture. 

Check your lease agreement, as some landlords require proof of renters insurance before you can move in. It’s always a good idea to have renters insurance to protect your belongings, whether required or not.

Eaton Realty’s standard lease length is 1-year. Other durations may be possible upon approval. Many HOA’s restrict the length of leases with a minimum rental term. Short-term rentals under six months require taxes to be collected and remitted, so we do not offer short-term leases.

Your lease agreement will specify which utilities are included in the rent price (meaning they are paid for by your landlord) and which utilities you will be responsible for setting up and paying monthly. This can vary from one home to another. Utilities you may be responsible for paying could include gas, electricity, water, sewer, and trash collection services. Trash collection is paid by the owner in nearly all of our properties.

Most Eaton Realty homes include both lawn maintenance and turf and shrub fertilization/pest control services. It’s important to consider this value when comparing rental rates to properties that don’t include such services.

Eaton Realty uses a convenient online portal to handle maintenance requests. You can submit a maintenance request, upload photos of the issue, and chat with our maintenance team all through your Rentvine portal

While living in your rental home, your landlord will generally stay out of the home. Exceptions include instances where repairs need to be made, necessary inspections, the property is being shown to potential future tenants or buyers, and an emergency has arisen.

Except in emergencies, Eaton Realty always schedules appointments no later than the day prior, often earlier.

Many renters are excited to decorate their rental house to make it feel more like home. But before you get too far, ensure you’re not violating any terms in your lease. Your rental agreement will outline changes you can and cannot make to your home. Small things like hanging pictures are often not an issue, but painting or hanging large curtain rods or shelves may be problematic. If you get permission from your landlord to make a major change, be sure to get it in writing. 

At Eaton Realty, we require you to restore the home back to move-in condition before you move-out. If you were given permission to paint or otherwise modify the home, you will likely be required to repaint to the original color before vacating.

Exterior modifications must also be approved, sometimes not only by the landlord but also by the HOA. HOAs have strict rules regarding the exterior appearance of homes in the community.

Some rentals allow pets of any kind and size, some have size restrictions, and some may not allow any type of pets. These rules vary by property as some rules are defined by the homeowner's insurance policy, and some by the community if the home is in an HOA.

Properties managed by Eaton Realty require all pets to be screened and applicable pet fees, pet rent, and additional security deposits paid. See our Pet Policies page for more details.

Also note that you are financially responsible for any damage your pet may cause to the home, particularly carpet replacement if your pet has accidents on the carpet.

Some landlords may not allow roommates, and some may choose to only allow couples or families. No matter how many roommates you plan to have, all roommates must be approved by the landlord and sign the lease agreement, and they will legally be considered co-tenants. This means that all roommates are legally responsible for the entire rent payment each month. 

Be aware that if there is an issue with one roommate violating the lease agreement, the landlord can legally evict all roommates. Some landlords will choose not to exercise this right and may evict only the roommate causing an issue. Still, the remaining roommates will be responsible for the entire rent payment, and replacement roommates will need to be approved by the landlord and sign a lease agreement. 

The general rule for occupancy is two heartbeats per bedroom. For example, a three-bedroom home will accommodate a maximum of 6 people regardless of age.

Our leases do not require permission for guests to visit for 72 hours or less.

Some renters seek to save money by finding someone to rent a single room in their rental home or by subletting the entire place if they will be away for some time. At Eaton Realty, you are not permitted to sublet any portion of the property - you would have to add that person to your lease agreement as a roommate and share the rental costs instead.

Sometimes life happens, and you need to change your plans before the end of your lease term.

Eaton Realty provides tenants with two options when terminating a lease early. Contact your property manager to learn about your options and find the best solution for your situation.