Pet Policies

Eaton Realty
Pet Policies

Most homes offered for rent by Eaton Realty welcome pets. Here, we'll outline the restrictions and associated fees for bringing along your furry friend. Note that these policies apply specifically to homes managed by Eaton Realty. Homes not managed by us will have varying rules and deposit requirements highlighted on the property page.

Pet Fees

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and significantly increases the landlords risk of damage to their home. The following fees are required for pets.

Pet Application Fee Set by to cover the cost of verifying pet information and calculating a FIDO score.As low as $20.00 / pet
Pet FeeThis is a one-time fee collected by Eaton Realty to evaluate the pet application, prepare pet addenda to lease, and setup your pet profile.$250.00 - 1 Pet
$350.00 - 2 Pets
$450.00 - 3 Pets
Pet DepositNo additional security deposit is required for pets.$0.00
Pet Administration FeePet Administration Fee varies based on the "FIDO Score" assigned by This is a per-pet, per-month fee.
For example, if you have two pets, one with a 3-Paw FIDO score and the second with a 2-Paw score, the total Pet Administration Fee will be $60/month.

Pet Administration Fee covers on-site pet inspections before and after occupancy using blacklight and conductivity testing to determine if urine is present in carpeting, filing video documentation and associated paperwork, responding to potential complaints related to pets, and help mitigate the financial risks associated with pet-related incidents.
FIDO Score - Pet Administration Fee
5-Paw: $20.00 /pet/month
4-Paw: $22.50 /pet/month
3-Paw: $25.00 /pet/month
2-Paw: $35.00 /pet/month
1-Paw: $45.00 /pet/month

Frequently Asked PET Questions

No. We consider pets to be typical domesticated animals like dogs, cats, birds, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and small reptiles. Most properties restrict allowed dog breeds due to the owners liability insurance.

Akita, Pit Bull (all types), Chow, Rottweiler, Shiba-Inu, Malamute, Bull Mastiff, Presa Canario, Karelian Bear Dog, Wolf hybrid, or Wolf-like breeds are prohibited by most insurance policies. If you have a restricted breed, double-check with us before applying.

No. Once paid, the pet fees are non-refundable.

This varies by property, but none of our homes allow more than three pets.

Yes. Pets must weigh less than 75lbs. Some HOAs have lower weight restrictions, which will take precedence.

No. You are responsible for repair costs for any damage to the property, including damages caused by your pets.

Normal wear and tear includes things like carpet crushing in high-traffic areas or the finish rubbing off of a door handle from repeated use. It does not cover things like pets chewing on baseboards, cabinets, or carpeting, scratches on doors or trim, or the big one: urinating on carpeting.

We utilize advanced inspection techniques to detect pet urine damage to carpeting, including black light, conductivity testing, and the old-fashioned sniff test. If your pet has urinated on the carpet, it will soak into the backing and padding and be out of reach of even professional carpet cleaning. If we find pet urine damage in carpeting, the carpet and padding must be replaced at your expense.

Imagine a tenant moving into a home, and their baby crawls across the floor, which smells of pet urine. That's not the experience we want for our residents, and is why we go to great lengths to ensure you're moving into a home with no pet urine.

We realize accidents happen and will work with you and our vendors to replace damaged areas at the lowest possible cost. We have negotiated wholesale rates for replacement carpet that we pass along to you.

Pets are crafty and can elude gates and slip through doors. It only takes one time to have an accident. We inspect the home before move-in and after move-out to ensure there is no damage before your arrival, so if there is damage at move-out, you'll be responsible for carpet replacement.

No. Once a pet enters the home, the Pet Administration Fee is due monthly for the remainder of the lease term. If you do not get a replacement pet and choose to renew your lease, the Pet Administration Fee can be removed for the subsequent lease term.

Here are the steps to add a pet to your lease:
1. Advise your property manager you wish to add a pet to your lease.
2. Complete a pet screening application.
3. Sign a Pet Addendum to your lease.
4. Pay pet fee.
5. Welcome your new friend home!

In general, be a responsible pet owner. Always abide by community rules, keep them leashed when outside, CLEAN UP after them when out for a walk, and report damages to the property so we can work with you to repair them.

Your pet is not allowed to disturb neighbors. Excessive barking, and leaving a pet outside unattended (whether you're home or not) is not acceptable.


Yes. A container larger than 5-gallons is considered a pet. Anything smaller does not need to be listed on the lease. Of course, you're still liable for any damage caused, no matter the size.

Yes. Each pet must be screened, added to the lease Pet Addendum, pet fee paid, and the Pet Administration Fee paid monthly.

Yes. You must complete a PetScreening application for your new pet, pay a pet fee, and sign an updated pet addendum to your lease. We'll also adjust your Pet Administration Fee, if applicable, according to the FIDO score of the new pet.

Once a pet enters the property, the Pet Administration Fee is based on the FIDO score determined by PetScreening at the time of application. If the FIDO score improves, resulting in a lower Pet Administration Fee, we can update your Pet Administration Fee only at the time of lease renewal. You must renew your PetScreening profile to obtain a new FIDO score.

Please don't. Unauthorized pets incur a $500 penalty fee. To become compliant, you'll have to complete a PetScreening application, pay a pet fee, sign a lease addendum, and then pay the Pet Administration Fee for the remainder of the lease. Save the headache of the $500 penalty, and let us know your plans from the beginning before bringing home your new friend!