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Sun City Center is a census-designated place in the Tampa Bay area, about 20 miles south of Downtown Tampa. As an age-restricted community, it is exclusive to residents ages 55 and up. With its convenient location and many amenities, Sun City Center is a wonderful community for those looking to relax and take life easy in their later years. 

About Sun City Center

Sun City Center is an age-restricted community, so according to bylaws, housing is legally restricted to individuals aged 55 or older - meaning that most of the population comprises active seniors and retirees. The community is planned and designed with this in mind, and it has all the amenities and conveniences a person could need right down the road, making everyday life convenient and stress-free. 

Sun City Center is geographically situated with Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Gulf City to the west, Wimauma to the east, Gibsonton and Riverview to the north, and Little Manatee River State Park to the south. With these smaller towns and plenty of natural areas surrounding the community, Sun City Center feels set apart from the hustle and bustle of Tampa. It is described as a dense suburban environment.

The 55+ age range still offers a great diversity of individuals with varying housing needs. There are several neighborhoods within Sun City Center, some of which are gated and have their own associations and clubhouses. Most residents live in single-family homes or villas, but the community also has duplexes, condos, and apartments. With the aging population, numerous retirement communities and assisted living facilities are conveniently located in the area. 

While the greater Tampa Bay area has many attractions to explore, Sun City Center offers all the necessities, making it possible for residents never to venture far from home. Hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, churches and religious centers, a variety of special interest clubs, hotels, a post office, and more are all available within the community. Residents can legally drive golf carts in the streets, making transit within the community easy (and fun!). 

Pros And Cons Of Living In Sun City Center

All communities come with their pros and cons. For active, older adults looking for a community of individuals with similar interests, the pros likely far outweigh the cons.

Pros Of Living In Sun City Center:

  • All necessary businesses and amenities located within the community
  • Numerous clubs, organizations, and facilities for recreation
  • Numerous parks and golf courses
  • Driving golf carts in the street is legal during daylight hours
  • Healthcare providers, a hospital, nursing homes, and rehab centers conveniently located within the community
  • Relatively affordable compared to other age-restricted communities in Florida
  • Warm, beautiful weather year-round
  • Very active community due to the large availability of recreational activities 

Cons Of Living In Sun City Center:

  • Not as diverse of a community due to the restricted age of residents
  • Limited career opportunities within the community
  • Limited ability of young family members to visit
  • Strict homeowners associations
  • Many amenities and clubs are limited to residents or members

Things To Do In And Around Sun City Center

Sun City Center is an oasis for retired individuals and couples who want to spend their later years participating in beloved activities, learning new hobbies, and connecting with friends with similar interests. The facilities available to residents are almost too many to count: nine pools, eleven golf courses, a bowling club, a performing arts club, pickleball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, dog parks, nature trails, horseshoe pits, shuffleboard, basketball courts, fitness centers, community halls and banquet halls, and a library, just to name some. Additionally, there are clubs for almost any craft, hobby, or interest imaginable, including sewing, photography, woodworking, cards, dancing, art, ceramics, weaving, investing, and stained glass. 

With all the activities available to residents of Sun City Center, it’s hardly necessary to leave. However, the wider Tampa Bay area offers an even greater variety of recreation and entertainment opportunities for those who want to venture out. Southshore Bay Lagoon water park is located just outside of Sun City Center. Nearby Ruskin has a drive-in movie theater. Numerous other parks and nature preserves are easy to access, with the bay shore just ten miles away. Downtown Tampa offers a variety of museums, theaters, and sporting venues just a thirty-minute drive away.

Work With A Sun City Center Realtor

Eaton Realty serves all of Hillsborough County, including Sun City Center. An Eaton realtor can help you explore the community, investigate Sun City Center’s available housing types, and learn more about what this unique living community offers. Whether you’re already 55 or older and ready to move into a serene retirement community or planning for your future, we can assist you in determining if Sun City Center has what you’re looking for. Get in touch with our team today and start your home search now!

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