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Holiday Home Safety

A lot of people tend to travel for the holidays and concern among many of them is how to keep their home from becoming a target while they are out of town. Michael Brand with Vortex Security gave us some useful tips to protect yourself and your home. 

  • Let your neighbors know you're going to be gone. 

This is an easy and basic step. If your neighbors know you won't be there, they'll keep an eye out for any weird or suspicious activity. They can even go so far as to park a vehicle in your driveway to give the appearance someone is home. 

  • Have your mail held.

Going out of town for longer than a weekend? Go online and have the post office hold your mail. Having mail pile up in your mailbox or packages sitting by the door is a sure sign that no one is home. And because you told your neighbors you would be gone, they can grab any unexpected deliveries off the front porch.

  • Exterior Lights

Whether you have motion lights to alert that someone is prowling around the house or dawn/dusk sensors that turn your porch lights on, having exterior lights will deter most people that are looking for an easy target.

  • Interior Lights

Take your security one step further by making your home look lived in. An automation system for your interior lights will allow you to set times for lights to turn on and off in different areas of the house. By randomizing the timing and rooms, criminals won't be able to tell you're gone.

  • Cameras

Even if you've followed these tips and feel that your home is pretty secure for the time you will be away, sometimes being able to pull up a video on your phone can give you the peace of mind you need. 

Watch the full video above and if you have any questions about home security, home automation, or security cameras, contact Michael for a home evaluation. Travel Safely.


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