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The Application Process

Renting a home with Eaton Realty is easy!

To submit an application, search for the home you are interested in and apply directly from the listing page using the "Apply Now" button next to the map.

Before you start the application, gather the following supporting documentation which you'll upload as part of the process:
[Pro-Tip: We recommend the Genius Scan app (iOS / Android) to quickly "scan" documents with your smart phone.]

  • Paystub(s) for the past 60 days for each wage-earning applicant. Alternatively, a W2, or for new jobs, a verification of salary on company letterhead. If you're self-employed, provide the most recent year's tax return and a P&L statement for the past 12 months.
  • Most recent 60-days of asset verification. This should be in the form of bank statements showing account balances in checking accounts, savings accounts, etc., for the past two months. (Tip: Login into your bank's website and download PDF's directly.)
  • Copies of each applicant's Government-issued ID (driver's license). It often works best to take a photo and email the image to yourself or use Genius Scan to ensure the ID is legible.

Other documentation that may be required:

  • If you're currently renting, a Rental Verification form completed by your current landlord. Once you complete your application, we'll send you an email from DocuSign for your current landlord to complete.
  • If you have pets, complete a pet application at


  • Once your application is approved, we will have the lease prepared and sent to you via email. You'll sign the lease electronically and then sign in to our RentVine portal to pay your deposit and any required fees.
  • We'll email you with instructions each step of the way. We'll also provide you with links and phone numbers for utility and community information.
  • Finally, we'll meet you at your new home to deliver keys, and orient you with the home's various systems and features.

    If you need to move quickly and choose one of our currently available homes, we can rush the entire application process and check you into your new home in as little as 24 hours!

    Contact us to get started; we're excited to help you lease one of our premium rental homes!