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The existence of ghosts and spirits is something even the most grounded of individuals entertain. There’s something innately irresistible about the idea that strange occurrences could be the work of forces beyond our understanding. If you think your home is haunted, you’re certainly not alone. Approximately 28% of all American homeowners think they have lived in a haunted house at some point in their life. Our free quiz will help you explore whether or not your home may be haunted with the manifestation of paranormal forces.

Free Haunted House Quiz

Is your house haunted? The team at Eaton has developed a simple 14 question quiz to help you determine if there may be some unwelcome spirits in your home. You can take the free quiz below. 

Signs Your Home Could Be Haunted

How can you tell if your home is haunted? We’ve compiled some of the signs frequently cited by paranormal investigators below. Having these signs present within your home doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is haunted, but they are worth noting and digging into.

Strange Sounds Or Sights

Hearing or seeing strange things within your home? Investigators like full-time paranormal researcher, Greg Newkirk, believe these sights or sounds could be spirits trying to reach out. You might hear noises coming from a place within the home that you can’t locate or see glimpses of shadows that resemble a person. Of course, there could also be very normal explanations for these sights or sounds and you’ll want to do some investigating to try to find a source.

Moving Inanimate Objects

An inanimate object is something that isn’t living by definition. These objects don’t have the capability to move on their own. When objects disappear or move without a family member, a pet, or the wind moving them, there could be something eerie occurring.

Drained Electronics Or Flickering Lights

Paranormal experts believe that spirits try to absorb energy around them. This theory could offer one possible explanation for why lights flicker. It might also explain why devices like phones might drain faster in the home. It’s easy to explain a battery that drains quickly when the device is old, or a charger is faulty. It can be more difficult to explain why something is dead when you just replaced the battery, or when the battery lasts longer outside of the house. Occurrences like this could be due to defective batteries, but there could also be something paranormal at work.

Personality Changes

Does anyone ever drastically change personality when in your house? It could be the appearance of the home that affects their mood, but it could also be possession. Possession often conjures images of demons, but paranormal experts assert that ghosts can possess people as well. Experts believe that sudden and distinct changes in personality could indicate possession by a spirit.

Unexplained Temperature Changes

The movies often portray the presence of a spirit as being so cold that you can see your breath fog up. You’ll probably never experience anything this drastic, but subtle unexplainable shifts in temperature can indicate a paranormal presence.

As previously mentioned, ghosts are believed to drain energy from their environments. The theory is that if a ghost were to drain some of your energy, you’d feel colder. It’s expected to feel a bit colder by a window where heat can escape, but feeling cold in one spot in the middle of a room is a little more suspicious.

Weird Smells

Have you ever detected a smell without any visible source for the smell? These smells are known as phantom smells or phantom scents. When you think about haunted houses and ghosts your mind might jump to a rotting smell, but this often isn’t the type of scent associated with a haunted house. Instead, it’s often specific scents that shouldn’t exist in your home.

Examples of phantom smells that could be associated with a haunted house include smells of cigar or cigarette smoke when no one in the house is a smoker, or smells of a perfume fragrance that no one in the house owns. The theory with these phantom smells is that they’re remnants of a spirit that previously occupied the home.

Of course, there can be normal explanations for certain phantom smells as well. One study from the National Institute of Health concluded that phantom odors were more likely to be perceived by individuals taking medications, or individuals who sustained a serious head injury.

Search For Normal Explanations Before Jumping To Conclusions

A haunted house shouldn’t be your first assumption when you experience something weird within your home. There are often normal explanations for odd occurrences, especially for homeowners that have just recently moved into a new home and may not be familiar with all of the home’s quirks.

You’ll want to check your windows for drafts, make sure all of your lightbulbs are tightly screwed in, and inspect your house’s wiring. A high electromagnetic field can be a sign of bad or old wiring. You might even want to inspect your home for mold. A study published by Hunter College found that working or living in moldy buildings can increase anxiety and cause visual abnormalities and cognitive problems. It’s not rare for someone with anxiety to experience mild hallucinations. Cleaning out any mold that may exist within your home could help improve your mental health and reduce or eliminate some of the weird things you’ve experienced within your home.

What Should You Do If You Think Your House Is Haunted?

The team at Eaton Realty doesn’t include any paranormal investigators. While we put together this quiz for some Halloween fun, we can’t tell you with certainty if your house is haunted or what you should do if your house is haunted.

We can help you sell your home and find a new home if you’d like a change of scenery, or if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in your home. The good news is that signs of a haunted house might not be a big deterrent for home buyers. A survey from realtor.com found that 33% of home buyers would live in a haunted house and another 25% of home buyers would consider living in a haunted house.

Ready to start the next chapter of your life in a new home? You can speak with one of our realtors by calling 813-672-8022, or by filling out a contact form.

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