Back to school

5 Tips to Prepare for the School Year

With 4th of July behind us, many parents, teachers and students will start looking ahead to the start of school next month. Here are a few tips to help you get organized and stay sane:

  • Brush up on skills that may have been lost over summer break

Take the next few weeks to have your student brush up on topics they learned the previous year. Practicing multiplication tables, writing skills, or spending a few minutes each day reading a book will help prepare them to build on those skills in the coming year.

  • Start your routine now

Don't wait until a few nights before school starts to re-establish a bedtime and morning routine. For a child that has become used to late nights and even later mornings, early morning alarms will be a struggle. We all know that a good night's sleep is essential to success.

  • Get organized

There's no doubt that with the start of the school year comes the start of the paper avalanche. Notes from teachers, tests to sign and fridge-worthy artwork can easily take over every free surface in your home. Establishing a home "command center" as a receiving and sorting zone will keep all of those papers together- avoiding lost field trip forms and last minute school projects.

  • Logistics

What time does school start and end? Will you need someone for before and after school care? How will they get to and from school? Now is the time to start figuring out carpool and bus schedules as well as putting your child on after school provider's lists.

  • Gather your supplies

It's time to start keeping an eye out for all those back to school shopping deals. Does your child's school require a uniform? Have you cleaned out drawers and closets full of clothes and shoes that are too small? Your school will post supply lists for each grade level. Get this list early and start shopping now to avoid a shortage of supplies as the start of school gets closer. 

As with anything, a little planning and prep work can go a long way to helping you stay sane and get the year off with minimal fuss.


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