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Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Sunlight is a natural antidepressant, and there is ample scientific evidence that associates daylight with better health and quality of life, such as improved mood, less fatigue, and reduced eye strain. If your home needs some brightening up, consider these home features with natural light in mind:

  • Paint. Choosinga lighter-colored paint and avoiding statement wallpaper or large blocks of color can naturally make your space feel brighter and reflect any natural light entering the room. Think soft shades of off-white or subdued, neutral hues.
  • Flooring. Wooden, ceramic, or stone floors with a polished finish typically reflect light to help brighten spaces. If you prefer carpet, consider light, neutral colors to help make the space feel brighter.
  • Skylights. Adding skylights is a relatively low-cost, high-impact home improvement that can enhance home decor and deliver energy-saving benefits, as well.Fresh air skylights can help reduce dependence on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation, which helps save money on electric bills. Convenience features like remote control operation make it easy to manage airflow and natural lighting with the touch of a button.
  • Mirrors. Adding furniture and accessories with reflective surfaces can help diffuse light and add stylish touches throughout the home. Metallic, glass and mirrored accessories, or even mirrors themselves, can spread light throughout your home.
  • Lighting. Go easy on artificial lighting, and instead work to optimize naturallight sources. Consider supplementing areas where natural light doesn't reach such as corners and corridors with small lamps and install dimmer switches that can easily be adjusted depending on the amount of natural light flowing into your home. Daylight bulbs are also a great choice for brightening up your home.

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