Utility Companies In Tampa Bay: Full List

Moving into a new place is incredibly exciting. It can also be a pain. On top of physically packing up your house, moving all of your boxes, and unpacking, you also have to deal with a seemingly endless list of tasks - like setting up utilities. This should be one of the first things that you do so that your new home is ready for occupancy.

The process of setting up utilities - or transferring the utilities into your name - is usually fairly simple. However, you will either need to call the companies directly or fill out an online form to get your gas, electric, water, and other utilities started. You may also need to pay a fee to start service and to verify your identity.

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Hillsborough County Utilities

Electric Service

Tampa Electric Company (TECO) - (888) 223-0800

In the greater Tampa Bay area, electricity is provided through the Tampa Electric Company (TECO). The company was founded in 1899 to manage the electric trolleys in Tampa. In 2016, TECO was purchased by Emera Incorporated, a Nova Scotia-based utility holding company.

TECO traditionally offers electricity service at a lower cost than many other utility providers in Florida. However, due to the rising cost of natural gas, the price went up in spring 2022. TECO does provide a number of programs that are designed to help customers save money, including an energy audit, energy planner, and a shared solar program (SunSelect).

Setting up your electricity service with TECO is easy. From their website, you can either start new service or transfer service into your name. You can also call TECO at (888) 223-0800 to talk to a customer service representative about getting new service started. You will need to provide your address and basic identifying information (such as your Social Security Number) to start or transfer service. For new service, you will also need to pay a deposit to secure your account. Deposit amounts are twice the historical average monthly usage for that property.
TECO charges a basic service charge of $15.05 per month, plus an additional charge per kilowatt hours (kWh) used. You can pay your electric bill through the mail, in person at a local TECO office, or online through the TECO website or an auto-pay from your bank account. There are payment assistance options, as well as budget payment plans.

Electricity for The City of Bradenton is serviced by Florida Power & Light who can be reached at (888) 988-8249

Gas Service

People's Gas (TECO) - (877) 832-6747

In Tampa, natural gas is also provided through TECO. People’s Gas is a subsidiary of TECO. It was founded in 1895, and is the only provider of natural gas in the Tampa Bay area.

As with electric, TECO People’s Gas charges a monthly service charge that is based on your rate class. On top of that, you will pay a base rate for the amount of gas that you use each month. There are also other miscellaneous charges on your bill, including a distribution charge, a purchased gas adjustment (PGA) charge, Florida gross receipts tax, and a franchise fee. There are programs to help you save money on your gas bill, such as an energy audit, budget billing, and fixed income billing.

You can set up service with TECO People’s Gas by filling out a form online or calling the company at (877) 832-6747. As with TECO, you will need to provide your address and identifying information. TECO People’ Gas charges$24.00 to open an account, $63.00 to turn on a gas meter, and $87.00 to reconnect a gas meter.

Water Service

Tampa: City of Tampa Utilities - (813) 274-8811

Temple Terrace: Temple Terrace Public Works - (813) 506-6420

Plant City: Plant City Division of Finance/Utilities - (813) 659-4222

Remainder Of Hillsborough County: Hillsborough County Water Resources - (813) 272-6680

Unincorporated Hillsborough County

Before setting up these utilities, it is important to check your service area, because your service provider will depend on where you’re located.

Hillsborough County Water Resources provides water and wastewater services to residents living in unincorporated Hillsborough County (the areas in Hillsborough County outside Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City).

For homes serviced by Hillsborough County, you can start water service by phone at (813) 272-6680, or in person (by appointment) at the Brandon Support Operations Complex at 332 N. Falkenburg Road, Branon FL 33619. Call (813) 612-7700 for an in-person appointment. You can also submit an online form to request new service.


For residents living in the city of Tampa, the city provides water, wastewater, and solid waste utility services. The City of Tampa Utilities are offered only to residents living in Tampa city limits. Tampa residential utility customers will receive a single consolidated bill for their water, wastewater/sewage, and solid waste (trash and recycling) each month.

If your new home is serviced by City of Tampa Utilities, you can start utility service through its website or by calling (813) 274-8811. You will need to provide basic information, such as your name, phone number, and service address. You will also be required to pay a deposit for a new account. Once your account is set up, you can pay your bill through automatic bill pay, by mail, through the city website, over the phone, or in person at Amscot (additional fees may apply) or at Westshore Pharmacy.

Temple Terrace

Temple Terrace residents receive their water services through the city via the water and sewer divisions of the city’s Public Works Department. You can start water utility services by contacting customer service at (813) 506-6420.

Plant City

Water services in Plant City are provided to residents by the city. You can request Plant City water services by calling (813) 659-4222, or emailing [email protected]. There is an application for services you’ll have to complete as part of your request for water service.

Reclaimed Water / Water Restrictions

Many Florida lawns are equipped with irrigation systems and require regular watering. If reclaimed water is offered at your residence, you’ll enjoy much less expensive water that is used exclusively for irrigation purposes. Reclaimed water is treated wastewater that is pumped through a separate distribution system identified by purple pipes and valve boxes.

Reclaimed water should be used wisely, but it is not subject to water restrictions. For residents without reclaimed water, your irrigation system will use potable (drinking) water. Because this is a limited resource, its use for irrigation purposes is restricted. Look up the current City of Tampa Water Restrictions, Plant City Water Restrictions, Temple Terrace Water Restrictions, or Hillsborough County Water Restrictions to make sure you’re watering only on the allowed days for your address. Fines for watering on the wrong day can be issued even if you’re watering in the middle of the night.

Trash Service

Tampa: City of Tampa Utilities - (813) 274-8811

Temple Terrace: Temple Terrace Public Works - (813) 506-6570

Plant City: Plant City Solid Waste Department - (813) 659-4222

Remainder Of Hillsborough County: Hillsborough County Solid Waste Services - (813) 272-5680

Unincorporated Hillsborough County

Like water, trash collection services vary depending on whether or not you live in unincorporated Hillsborough County, Tampa, Temple Terrace, or Plant City. Trash collection for unincorporated Hillsborough County is offered through county services. Residents can request services by calling (813) 272-5680 or emailing [email protected].

Trash collection in unincorporated Hillsborough County is billed via the property owner's property tax bill. For renters, that means the owner of the property pays for trash/recycling collection.


Solid waste removal services in Tampa are provided by the city. You can request services by filling out the online service request form. You can also call (813) 274-8811. Trash collection for Tampa is billed as part of the water bill.

Temple Terrace

Waste removal for Temple Terrace is provided by the city. You can request services by calling (813) 506-6570. Like Tampa, trash collection for Temple Terrace is billed as part of the water bill.

Plant City

Plant City waste removal is provided by the city. Waste removal services are started automatically once you start water services with the city. You can contact the department for billing and service questions by calling (813) 659-4222, or emailing [email protected]. Like Tampa & Temple Terrace, trash collection is billed as part of the water bill.

Internet Service

In 2022, internet service is almost as important as other utilities for most people. Having an appointment to get the internet set up before you move into your new home can help to make the transition smoother.

Unlike electric, gas, water, sewage, and trash, you have several options when it comes to internet service providers in Tampa. Depending on the services you choose, you may pay as little as $30 to $150 per month (plus taxes and fees). Internet service providers in Tampa include:

Frontier and Spectrum are the two largest providers in the area. Typically, you will need to set up service with one of these providers by calling them directly or filling out a form on their website. The cost varies significantly based on the speed you choose and whether you add any other services, such as phone or cable television. You will generally need to have access to your home before the internet can be set up, so be sure to set up an appointment for after you have the keys.

Other Helpful Resources

Here's a list of phone numbers and web addresses helpful in getting you and your family settled into your new home:

Fishhawk Ranch Resources

  • Resident Services Office: (at the Osprey Club) (813) 657-6629
  • Activities Department: (813) 654-6360
  • Palmetto Club: (813) 657-0062
  • Aquatic Club: (813) 685-7880

Mirabay Resources

Utilities For Surrounding Counties

Hernando County Utilities


Pinellas County Utilities

Pasco County Utilities

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