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When buying or selling a home, not all real estate agents are equally qualified to best meet your needs. Working with the right agent will ensure you get the best deal and have a smooth home-buying or selling experience. In the real estate industry, Realtors with a PSA designation are highly qualified to assist buyers and sellers with home valuation. 

What Is A Pricing Strategy Advisor Designation?

In real estate, PSA stands for Pricing Strategy Advisor. PSA is a certification Realtors can earn through in-depth education regarding home pricing. The tools and knowledge that PSA Realtors can access enable them to serve both buyers and sellers. 

Pricing Strategy Advisors have an in-depth understanding of factors that influence pricing in the housing market. PSAs are skilled at understanding how supply and demand impact the housing market, identifying appropriate comparables, and working with appraisers. They can also help clients navigate pricing terminology and guide buyers and sellers through a competitive market analysis. 

How Is PSA Designation Earned?

Realtors must undergo an education process to earn their Pricing Strategy Advisor certification. They must already be a National Association of Realtors member in good standing. Realtors must complete a day-long training program, then submit an application. 

Benefits Of Working With A PSA Realtor As A Buyer

Searching for a new home can be overwhelming, and many homebuyers experience sticker shock as they attempt to navigate competitive housing markets. Working with a PSA Realtor can help set expectations and manage a budget. 

Know The Value Of Homes You View

With their knowledge and experience in running comparative market research, PSA Realtors can give buyers an accurate idea of whether homes are overpriced or underpriced. This can be massively helpful with deciding whether or not to make an offer, making competitive offers, and knowing when a home is overpriced, and it’s best to walk away.

Stick To Your Budget

A PSA Realtor can help clients make and stick to a realistic budget. With their understanding of current market conditions and prices, they can give buyers realistic expectations about what kind of homes and locations will be in and out of budget. They can also ensure you stick to your budget and get the best value. 

Benefits Of Working With A PSA Realtor As A Seller

Sellers can similarly benefit from the expertise of Pricing Strategy Advisors. PSA Realtors can help sellers balance being competitive and making a profit from their home sale. 

Sell Quickly

Overpriced homes sit on the market longer. When selling quickly is a priority, listing your home at an appropriate price is essential to attract buyers. When buying agents recognize a home listed at market value, they become much more likely to show the home to buyers, increasing the potential number of offers you’ll get in a shorter period of time. A PSA Realtor can help sellers decide when they should list their home at or even below market value to make a sale fast. 

Make A Profit On The Sale Of Your Home

When housing markets get competitive, sellers have the potential to make more money from the sale of their homes. PSA Realtors can assist sellers with strategically listing homes at a higher price point that may be over the market value to make the most money from a desirable property. 

Listing a home above market value can be risky, as it can cause a property to sit on the market longer, which may force the seller to lower the asking price. This is why consulting with a PSA Realtor is crucial before setting an above-market price. PSA Realtors have the expertise to help you decide when this might be a successful tactic and what to do if you need to change course. 

Avoid Surprises During Your Appraisal

Another risk of pricing too high is that the home value may come back lower than the selling price during the appraisal. Properties that don’t appraise lead to three possible outcomes: the buyer may decide to pay the difference, the seller may have to accept a lower price, or the deal could fall through. When sellers work with a Pricing Strategy Advisor, they can avoid surprises during the appraisal by pricing their homes at market value or being prepared for the outcomes that may occur if the asking price is above market value. 

Work With A Tampa Area PSA Realtor At Eaton

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, we have PSA Realtors who can assist you with determining the market value of homes in the Tampa area. At Eaton Realty, we serve all of Tampa and the surrounding cities in Hillsborough County. Contact us today to start searching for homes, list your home, or learn more about the Tampa Bay housing market.

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