Work With A Tampa Area Master Property Manager (MPM)

When you decide to work with a company to manage your rental property, you need to know you’re working with someone you can trust. By working with a Master Property Manager (MPM), you can rest assured that your property and investment are protected and that you and your tenants will be treated with respect and professionalism. 

What Is The MPM Designation?

MPM is a designation awarded to individual property managers by NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers). It is the highest achievement a property manager can attain, and it is a very exclusive designation, with few property managers earning the distinction. 

How Is MPM Designation Earned?

In order to earn an MPM designation, a property manager must be a member of NARPM and already have their RMP (Residential Management Professional) designation. The requirements for RMPdesignation include: 

  • Having a real estate license for at least two years
  • Have 100 “unit years” of property management experience (one unit year is equal to managing a single residential unit for one year)
  • Complete 18 hours of NARPM property management training and an ethics course
  • Attend two state or regional, plus one national, NARPM conferences
  • Complete additional elective activities, such as additional training hours, attending additional conferences, or publishing an article
  • Have letters of recommendation from clients and peers

To attain MPM status, a property manager must have additional property management experience. A Master Property Manager must have managed at least 500 residential units over two years. 

Benefits Of Working With A Master Property Manager

You know you’re working with the best in the industry by working with an MPM-designated property manager. Master Property Managers are committed to excellence in property management and advancing the field through continuous learning. Master Property Managers have the most experience and have met the highest benchmarks for education in their field, and they pass on the benefits of their knowledge and expertise to their clients. 

Work With A Master Property Manager In The Tampa Area

At Eaton Realty, our team of property managers includes an MPM and other dedicated property managers. We strive for excellence in what we do and want to help you make your real estate investment dreams come true. Learn more about our property management services, and contact us to get started managing your rental property. 

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