Renting With Eaton Realty FAQ

We know moving can be stressful and that questions often arise. With so many things to keep track of, we've gathered the questions we receive most often into one convenient place so you can find the answers you need fast!

The Lease Agreement

A: The lease is a bit counter-intuitive on this point. The Maintenance/Inspection paragraph on page 3 lists the responsibilities of the Tenant, and you'll notice that lawn Care / Fertilization is NOT included here as a tenant responsibility therefore, this is a Landlord responsibility.

A: Tax is only required for leases less than 6-months in length. There will not be any tax due for this lease.

A: Florida Statute VI 83.682 TERMINATION OF RENTAL AGREEMENT BY A SERVICE MEMBER supersedes any clause written in a lease and covers the termination if you are PCS'ed to a base more than35-miles away.

A: Heist, Weisse & Wolk is Florida's premier Landlord/Tenant attorney and is actually the firm involved in writing Florida's boilerplate leases. They write hundreds of these leases daily for apartment communities and leasing agents across the state. This lease covers important points for the protection of both you and the landlord. Additional community or Association documents may also be required, which adds to the length of the lease paperwork.

A: Mold and Mildew are concerns in any home, but when used properly, the central Air Conditioning system in your home will remove excess humidity to keep moisture levels under control. The Mold Addendum lists steps to prevent excessive moisture in the home, and while it IS your responsibility to maintain the home free of mold/mildew, you will not likely need to do anything out of the ordinary to prevent its growth.

A: We include utility information in an email with your executed lease. If you're moving in very soon, though, you can visit for a list of utility providers and their contact information to schedule services.