Payment Complete No Fee

Your $50/person Rental Application Fee has been waived, so payment is not necessary. Note that there may be additional application fees due to neighborhood HOA's, Pet Application Fees, and other fees that are still owed.

Thanks, you're almost finished!

Supporting Documentation

Upload the following supporting documentation to our dropbox folder using this link:

  1.  Income verification: Please provide the past 2 month's paystubs for each applicant showing your gross monthly income for each applicant.  If you're self-employed and pay stubs are not available, checking account statements, and a W2 or tax return are also sufficient. If you're changing employers, an acceptance letter from the HR department of your new employer with your adjusted salary will also be required.
  2. Asset verification: Please provide the last 60 days of bank statements for checking and savings as well as any other assets that you'd like to provide such as a retirement statement.
  3. Housing verification: Once we begin processing your application, you will receive a separate email from DocuSign for your current landlord to complete if you are currently renting. In the event you've resided in your current residence for less than 12 months, your previous landlord will also need to complete this form. Additional emails may follow if multiple forms are required.

    If you own your current home and you're planning on selling or renting that home, then a copy of the listing agreement, sales contract, and/or property management contract will be required. No DocuSign form will be sent in this scenario. Please disclose any other details as necessary.
  4. Drivers' licenses: Please scan and upload a copy of your drivers' licenses. A great option is to take a photo with a smartphone and upload the photo. Do not FAX your Drivers Licenses - they never come across legibly.
  5. Pet information: Click on the PetScreening link and complete a pet application for your pet(s).

Once your application is approved, we will contact you via email with your lease and further instructions. If you should have any questions in the interim, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

We look forward to working with you!