Waterfront Homes For Sale In Tampa

Waterfront Homes For Sale In Tampa


Enjoy breathtaking sunsets and aquatic adventures with a waterfront home in Tampa. Eaton Realty can help you find the perfect waterfront home to enjoy the peace and tranquility of waterfront living. View the latest waterfront home for sale in Tampa and open up a search with Eaton Realty to get new homes emailed to you regularly. 

What Is The Average Price Of Waterfront Homes In Tampa? 

Prices for waterfront homes in Tampa vary greatly. Finding homes on Tampa Bay or Hillsborough Bay for under $1,000,000 can be difficult. But you can find Inland waterfront homes on Hillsborough River and condo units on the Bay for under $1,000,000. The average price of a waterfront home in Tampa is around $2,631,082. For reference, the average price of all homes in Tampa is around $390,746. 

The Benefits Of Living On The Waterfront

While waterfront homes may be more expensive, they provide many benefits. Waterfront homes are some of the most desirable types of properties on the market for a reason. 

Improved Health

They say health is wealth, and studies have found that living by bodies of water improves health. The sensory effects of water have been shown to reduce stress and produce a sense of calm. Water also improves air quality to help you breathe better air into your body. Lower stress and cleaner air help to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, among other conditions. 

Easy Access To Water Activities

Living on the waterfront can also keep you active with water activities. You could enjoy boating, kayaking, jet skiing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and more. Tampa summers can be hot, with average temperatures reaching 90°F in July. Water activities can be a great way to keep cool. 

A Thriving Ecosystem In Your Backyard

Living on the water also provides access to an ecosystem in your backyard. Waterfront property is excellent for those who enjoy fishing or bird watching. A variety of fish and birds populate waterfront landscapes. You could spend hours enjoying the beauty and wonders of nature without ever leaving home. 

A Sound Investment That Maintains Value

Waterfront homes are in high demand and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. An investment in a waterfront property is a sound investment. The unwavering popularity of waterfront homes ensures that your home will continue to appreciate with time. If you ever decide to sell, you’ll reap the benefits of excellent resale value. 

Instead of selling, you can also keep your waterfront property and convert it into a rental. Turning your waterfront property into a short or long-term rental is a great way to make passive income. Eaton Realty offers property management services and can help you rent properties without the hassle or stress that comes with management. 

Home Buying Considerations For Waterfront Properties 

There are a few unique aspects of buying a waterfront home that you’ll want to consider before purchasing. Our realtors can walk you through all of the considerations that come with shopping for a waterfront home and help you evaluate the pros and cons of any one particular waterfront home. 

Potential For Flood Damage

One of the greatest threats to waterfront houses is flooding. Unlike many parts of Florida, Tampa has a lower risk of being directly hit by a hurricane. The scientific community hasn’t found an explanation, but a hurricane hasn’t directly hit Tampa in over 100 years and Tampa has only been hit by five hurricanes (of category three strength or higher) since 1851. 

While hurricanes are a lesser concern, Tampa Bay is shallow, and bad rainstorms can quickly cause flooding. Flooding can be very costly to repair, depending on the extent of flooding. If a foot of water enters a home, HVAC, furnaces, and electrical outlets can all be damaged. If three feet of water enters a home, the floodwater could potentially cause severe damage to the house’s infrastructure. 

Make sure to have a waterfront property thoroughly inspected before purchase. You want to know that the property you’re purchasing can withstand the water surrounding it. The property should be far enough from high water marks that it won’t be affected by seasonal rains. You’ll also want to know if there’s been any history of flooding in the home and if there’s been any resulting damage. 


As a result of waterfront homes being more susceptible to flood damage, they can also be more expensive to insure. Flood insurance will need to be purchased on top of regular homeowners insurance to cover any damage due to flooding. The average cost of flood insurance in Florida is around $910 per year, which you’ll want to keep in mind as you budget for a new waterfront home. 

Property Taxes

There’s often a misconception that there’s some form of premium tacked on to property taxes for waterfront homes that homeowners who don’t live on the waterfront get to avoid paying. There’s no additional tax or premium for waterfront homes, but property taxes are usually higher for homes on the water. 

Property taxes are calculated as a percentage of a property’s assessed value. Waterfront homes tend to have a higher value on average because the property is more desirable. Therefore, waterfront homeowners tend to pay more in property taxes because their homes are worth more, not because they’re taxed differently. 

Work With Award-Winning Tampa Realtors To Find Your Dream Waterfront Home

The award-winning Tampa realtors at Eaton Realty can help you find and purchase your dream waterfront home for the best possible price. We can help you open a search and schedule showings to start touring waterfront homes for sale. Your Eaton realtor will be with you throughout the entire buying process, from search to closing. We keep a finger on the pulse of the Tampa real estate market to better evaluate fair values for homes and help you negotiate a price that will prevent you from overpaying. 
Our realtors service all of Hillsborough County, so we can help you expand your search outside of Tampa if you want to look at a larger selection of available homes. You can speak with a realtor by calling 813-672-8022 or by filling out an online contact form.

Tampa Waterfront Homes For Sale

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