Townhomes For Sale In Riverview, Florida

Townhomes For Sale In Riverview, Florida

Find Your Dream Townhouse In Riverview

Townhouses offer a unique home style that can be a great alternative to traditional single-family homes for many home buyers. Riverview, Florida, offers several townhomes in vibrant communities. Search below to find townhomes available for sale in Riverview. 

What Is A Townhouse?

Townhouses, or townhomes, are residential structures that typically have multiple stories and share one or two walls with adjacent units. Similar to the arrangement in a condominium, the resident owns each individual townhouse. Each townhouse has its own private entrance and generally has a small lawn.

Townhouses originated in densely populated urban areas where space is at a premium. Their tall, vertical structures maximize space and make it easy for developers to provide more homes in less space. Today, you’ll find townhouses in cities, towns, and suburbs. In suburban areas, townhouses are often built in complexes with their own homeowners associations. 

Although they share walls, individual townhouses need not necessarily be identical to their neighbors. Rowhouses are a subcategory of townhouses built in sets of four, six, or eight and are identical in design. 

Benefits Of Buying A Townhouse

Purchasing a townhome can have many benefits depending on what you’re looking for from your home. Consider whether any of the following appeal to your lifestyle.


Townhouses can be a great option when you’re searching for a home on a budget or if you’re a first-time home buyer. Townhomes are typically more affordable than comparable single-family homes in the same neighborhood. The lower price is because you’re paying almost exclusively for your home space and not for the acreage that your house sits on. Keep in mind that, as with any type of housing, the area you’re looking in and the size and style of a townhome will greatly impact pricing, and townhouses still come in a range of price points. 

Freedom To Make Improvements

Similarly to single-family homes and condos, because you’ll own your townhome outright, you have the freedom and flexibility to make changes and improvements to your property. If you want to remodel your townhome’s interior, there are unlimited possibilities for what you can do. You may be slightly more limited in your ability to modify your townhome’s exterior, especially if you’re subject to homeowner’s association rules and regulations.

Closeness With Community 

Part of the appeal of living in a townhouse for some homeowners is the close proximity to neighbors and community. Having many homeowners nearby may make getting to know your neighbors easier and develop a sense of community. 

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Townhouses have very small yards and outdoor spaces. This can be attractive for those with limited time and who don’t want the hassle of maintaining a large yard. Some townhouse complexes with homeowners associations may hire a lawn and landscaping service so that you won’t be required to do any outdoor maintenance at all. 

Outdoor Space

While you may not want a large yard to maintain, having a small private outdoor space to enjoy is a perk of owning a townhouse. Comparable apartments and condos may have significantly less outdoor space than most townhouses. 

Access To Additional Amenities

Residents of townhouses that are part of a development or large complex may have access to additional shared amenities. Look for townhouses with access to a pool, clubhouse, gym, or other shared spaces. 

Considerations Of Buying A Townhome

Townhouse ownership isn’t the best fit for everyone. Consider the possible drawbacks of living in a townhouse and consider whether any of the following will be problematic. 

HOA Rules And Fees

Many townhouses are part of a homeowner’s association, which can provide many benefits to members. However, some homeowners see them as restrictive because of their sometimes stringent rules and regulations. HOA rules typically restrict changes you can make to your home’s exterior, suchas colors you can paint your front door or your ability to put up a fence. Homeowners associations also come with monthly fees, which are sometimes quite costly, and they can charge you additional fines for breaking the rules. 

Limited Privacy

Some homeowners like having their space and privacy; if that’s you, buying a townhouse may not be the best choice. Having your home literally touching your neighbors' homes may be a little too close for some individuals. Remember that shared walls also mean your neighbors may be able to hear you at times, and you might sometimes hear your neighbors. 

Small Amount Of Space

While townhouses come in a variety of sizes, they’re often smaller than comparable single-family homes and offer less additional space. Townhouses almost always have smaller yards than single-family homes. Your storage space may be more limited, and your townhouse may or may not include a garage. 

Multiple Levels

To use space efficiently, townhouses are built on multiple levels and typically have two or three flights of stairs. Stairs may pose a problem for homeowners with physical disabilities, making climbing stairs difficult. 

Alternative Home Types

Explore alternatives to townhomes by searching for other housing options that might fit your needs. Consider the following housing options: 

  • Single-family home: Traditional single-family homes are owned outright by their residents and include a house designed for one family and the property the home sits on. 
  • Condominium: A condominium, or condo, is a single unit owned by the individual resident that is situated inside a larger complex or building with many other units. 
  • Rowhouse: A rowhouse is a type of townhouse where each adjacent unit is identical to the other adjoining houses. 
  • Duplex or multiplex: Duplexes and multiplexes, also called multi-family homes, look similar to single-family homes, but they contain two or more separate units with separate entrances that can be owned or rented out to multiple families. 
  • Single-family home rental: If you’re not quite ready to buy a single-family home, there are many single-family homes on the market that are available to rent so you can enjoy the space and privacy of a single-family home without the financial commitment. 

Tips For Buying A Townhouse

When shopping for a townhouse, keep the following tips in mind while you view the townhomes you’re interested in.

  • Plan out your budget. Remember to factor in HOA fees as well as your monthly mortgage payment. 
  • Know what you want out of your home. Look at key features like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and property size.
  • Find out about extra amenities. If you’re exploring townhomes built as part of a complex, find out if there are any spaces you’ll get to enjoy as a resident.
  • Read the HOA rules. Ensure you’ll be comfortable with any regulations and restrictions your homeowners association may have and that they don’t interfere with your vision of your home and lifestyle. 
  • Keep your ears open while touring townhomes. Pay attention to how much sound travels between units.
  • Talk to future neighbors. Get a feel for the community you’ll be joining, and find out what current residents think of the neighborhood. 

Find Townhouses With The Help Of An Eaton Realtor

Make searching for the townhome of your dreams enjoyable and stress-free with the help of an Eaton Realtor. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from defining your preferences, starting your search, and viewing townhouses to making an offer and closing on your new home. 

Our team at Eaton Realty has been helping home buyers throughout Hillsborough County to find the perfect home since 2003. We’re here to help you find the perfect townhouse in Riverview that meets all your wants and needs. Contact us today to get started.

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