Chuck Frenz

(813) 321-9848

Chuck grew up in Springfield, Illinois and received his Bachelors in English Education from Western Illinois University. He earned his Master’s Degree in Special Education at Arizona State University and became the Director of Psychiatry at St. Luke’s Hospital in Phoenix. Chuck ascribed to explore a different career path and launched his real estate career there more than 35 years ago, specializing in commercial syndications.

Chuck relocated to Florida in 1985, and gained experience selling new homes and in general real estate. Chuck also worked as a professional speaker for several years on such topics as Creative Problem Solving. For the past decade, Chuck has focused on the sale of new homes for various builders, being honored as Salesperson of the Year by the Tampa Bay Builder’s Association in 2012.

Happily married to his wife, Denise, for 33 years and with three grown children, Chuck appreciates the family atmosphere he has found at Eaton Realty.

After over 30 years in real estate, 20 years representing home builders, Chuck readily applies his wealth of experience to help clients negotiate and purchase their new, perfect home.

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