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Selling The Home You Love

No longer studs and drywall, your home is a vault of memories, both good and bad. You've experienced changing seasons, raised children, and dreamed big within those four walls. Your neighbors have become more than the people next door. They are your friends, advisors, and support network. Often, your home represents the most significant investment of your life. When it's time to sell a home you love, it can feel more like grieving than anticipation for the future. Follow these tips to help ease the transition.

  • Separate your emotions from the money

 In the way you can't attach a price tag to a stunning sunset or the sound of laughter, there's no way to connect a price to the memories you've made in your home. Now is the time to remember that buyers don't have those memories and will be unwilling to pay the emotional surcharge that sellers tend to add to the listing price. Find an agent you trust to be both compassionate and unbiased, and then try looking at your home through a stranger's eyes.

  • Stay busy

In any time of loss, it's important to keep putting one foot in front of the other. The same can be said when selling your home. Keeping your attention focused on the next steps will help you move through the home selling process without getting bogged down.

  • Depersonalize

When a buyer walks through your home, you want them to see a blank page where they can write their own stories. That means painting your lavender walls, boxing up photos, and taking the artwork off the fridge. As you start removing traces of yourself around the home, you will be able to begin emotionally detaching.

  • Acknowledge the loss

The sense of grief and loss you feel when saying goodbye to your home may make you feel silly or embarrassed, but you're not alone. It's essential to recognize that the process is complicated and work to make peace with your move. Take the time totalk to family and friends about the times you've shared. If you have children that have since moved away, remember they may also be feeling adrift.

  • Look ahead with excitement

Why have you decided to sell? Are you downsizing? Did you get a job promotion that requires you to relocate? Looking forward to the next chapter in your life is exciting! Focus on your future and the opportunities to make new memories in your next place. Make a list of features you wish you had, be it a larger pantry or a pool so that you can look for them in your next home. Start researching things to do in your new town and make a plan to check them out.

It's vital to pair yourself with an agent that understands and is empathetic to your situation when selling a home you're emotionally attached to. Youdeserve a dedicated agent that will give your home the time and attention it deserves. Eaton Realty is here to provide you with the support you need to move confidently forward. Contact an agent today.


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