Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you are planning on refinancing, selling, or just thinking about how to impress visiting family, you might be looking for ways to boost your home’s value.  Home improvements and renovations are popular ways to try to accomplish this, but many projects can be time consuming and expensive.  Here are five simple things you can do to bump up the value of your home that won’t break the bank.


 1. Landscaping

It’s been said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  With homes, the first impression is made as soon as someone pulls up in front of your home.  Having a lush, green lawn, trimmed trees and bushes, and colorful flowers can give your home a nice boost in value.  Best of all, if you do the work, it does not have to cost much.

 2. Front Door

Easily neglected by homeowners, the front door plays an important part in making a good first impression (everyone walks through it, right?).  But because it is used frequently, it often shows unsightly wear and tear.  A splash of paint, a few brass accessories, and voila – it looks new!  Add a wreath, a welcome mat and a potted plant for an extra touch of elegance.

 3. Refresh Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the two most important rooms in a home (the other is the bathroom), and refreshing it can give you an immediate increase in value.  Now, note I didn’t say remodel.  Remodeling the kitchen can certainly pay off, but it does not come cheap.  Since a person perceives the value of something based on its appearance, look for ways to improve your kitchen’s appearance without the full remodel.  Repaint the cabinets, or have them “refaced.”  Buy some new hardware (hinges and knobs) from a local hardware store for a nice designer touch.  Instead of installing tile for your backsplash, consider stenciling – it is faster, cheaper and less messy.

 4. The Scent of Fluffy

OK, now the touchy subject of smells.  Cats, dogs and other pets are wonderful creatures that enhance our lives.  But they can also “enhance” the air inside our homes.  A non-pet owner will often pick up on animal odors, and this can negatively impact their view of the home.  Investing a few bucks in cleaning supplies and deodorizers easily solves this problem.  Now you might ask, how can that have a large impact on home’s value? It can.  For example, if you are selling your home, it could be the difference between receiving a full-price offer or a lower one.

 5. Fresh Paint

The home improvement that can offer the biggest bang for your buck is - painting. A fresh coat of paint can make any room feel new and, if you use light colors, bigger. There are many nice things about painting: almost anyone can do it, it is cheap, and if you make an error (like, pick a wrong color) it can easily be corrected. There are many other ways to boost your home’s value.  Thinking of selling? As a service to homeowners in our area, I offer a free consultation on how to prepare your home for a quick and profitable sale. Just give me a call or send me an e-mail!