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I’m ready to rent my home, now what?

You've read our Becoming a Landlord article and are ready to rent your home. Congratulations, that's the first, and hardest, step. Now you may be asking yourself "what's next".  Follow these steps before you start marketing your home for a quick and easy transition:

Complete a

Thorough Inspection

Home repair list

You've lived in this home. And sometimes life gets busy and the to-do list gets pushed to the bottom of the priority pile. The first thing you will want to do when getting your home ready to rent is complete a thorough, and honest, inspection. Make a checklist- floors, walls, ceilings, lights, and blinds and then walk through every room. Make note of touch up paint, stained carpet and that dripping faucet you forgot to fix. Don't forget the outside- pressure washing, stucco cracks, and broken sprinkler heads will need to make it on the list. You'll want to know the full scope of work so you can create a plan.

Hire Contractors

Home repair list

No matter how handy you are, chances are you won't want to complete all of the work yourself. This is where your inspection can save you time and money by consolidating the work into the fewest amount of service calls. Some work, like replacing carpet, is best to wait for the home to be empty but having the estimate completed prior will allow the work to happen quickly.

Clean, Clean, 

Cleaning Supplies

When potential tenants are touring your home, you want them to focus on all of its great features, not the dirty bathrooms or pet odor. Is your tile grout stained? Having your floor cleaner clean the grout can breathe new life into your floors and also help eliminate smells. Decluttering surfaces shows how large an area can be, while items piled up can give the impression the home lacks storage space. You're more likely to rent your home quickly if tenants see it clean and bright.

Following these 3 steps will create a great first impression to potential tenants, resulting in renting your home quickly and for top dollar. If you need help, we're always here. Our property management team knows what to look for and we have a trusted network of vendors of our disposal. Need a painter? We'll be happy to put you in contact with ours, or, as a full-service management company, handle those details for you.


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