Seven Cool Dates

Seven Cool Dates


“Sure, I guess.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know.  Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know.”

And so it goes… The what-to-do-on-our-next date dilemma.  But don’t worry, we searched far and wide for some unique date ideas for you and your significant other to try.  Here are the top seven:

  • The Photo Shoot

Who didn’t fantasize about being a photo model at least once as a teenager?  Well, there is no reason not to try it now!  Take your camera, buy a few rolls of film, and pick a few cool locations (a park, a busy downtown sidewalk, a scenic area, etc.)  Then spend an afternoon with your Valentine taking photos of each other, striking different poses, and having fun.  Drop off your film at a one-hour photo lab, and share an ice cream together while waiting for your pictures to be developed.

  • Oh, the Drama

Here is a great alternative to dinner and a movie: live theater.  Whether it’s a Shakespeare drama, or a contemporary comedy, seeing it live, rather than watching it on the screen, can be a refreshing experience.

  • Homes on Parade

Maybe it’s because I am a Realtor, but I love to look at homes.  I think going on a Parade of Homes (or a Tour of Homes, as it is sometimes called) would be a really fun date.  You can admire different architecture, get home decorating ideas, and of course, spend some quality time together.  (And if you get an urge to buy one of the houses you see, remember to call your favorite Realtor right away!)

  • New Activity

Here’s a simple idea—try an activity that you haven’t done together before. Miniature golf, disco bowling, billiards, ice-skating, rollerblading, bike riding, tennis, swimming…  The possibilities are endless!

  • Arts and Crafts

Unleash the artists within—take an art class together!  Or a pottery class.  Or try your hand at making candles.  There are tons of one-day classes offered locally—just check the weekend paper.

  • The Spicy Date

Cooking together, and then enjoying the meal, can be very romantic.  Perhaps create a real seven-course feast for just the two of you.  Or maybe something simpler, like a decadent dessert.  Not a great cook Then take a cooking class together—they are offered year-round.  If you need help locating one, try StarChefs.com or CookingSchools.com.

  • Photo-Scavenger Hunt

Going on a group date with your friends can be lots of fun.  Here’s a really cool idea for some friendly competition among couples.  Each couple brings a camera and a roll of film.  Then you make a list of pictures each couple must take.  For example, a picture of you and a cop. Or with a tattooed stranger.  Or petting a dog. Or talking to an older couple.  Or you reading a certain book.  As many pictures as possible must be taken within, say, forty-five minutes. The couple with the most pictures wins!  Have dinner together while waiting for the pictures to develop; then have fun sharing the photos over dessert and coffee.


Have a happy and romantic date night!