Making Work From Home Work For You

Making Work From Home Work For You

REALTORs know what it means to telework. They work from pretty much anywhere, including in the car, on vacation, and at home. With millions now working remotely, we talked with members of Team Eaton to bring you some of our favorite work from home tips.



Set A Schedule​

For REALTORs, time blocking is essential to staying sane when working from home.


“You have to time-block your work time vs. family-time to keep your day balanced. Create a schedule and stick to it, so every area of your life gets equal attention” - Tracy Mishler


People are more productive at different times of the day. Whenever your time is, build your schedule around it. Prioritize your day to knock out the most critical tasks first and build in time for the inevitable distractions. The beauty of remote working is flexibility, but if you don’t set a schedule, that flexibility can get you in trouble.


Stay Active

Working from home will suddenly free up time. Your co-worker won’t be popping in for a 20-minute rehash of last night’s tv show, and your commute disappears. Did you know the average one way commute time in Tampa Bay is 24 minutes? Instead of wasting that time scrolling through social media, use it as the perfect opportunity to get outside for a walk or start up a work out routine. Staying active will make you feel better, both mentally and physically, with no time lost out of your typical workday.


Get Dressed

You wouldn’t go into the office in your pajamas, and working from home is no different. Sure, you don’t have to go as far as putting on a suit, but just the simple act of getting dressed can get you mentally ready to start your day. 


“Every morning, I get ready for work. I know if I stay in my PJs all day nothing, from negotiating contracts to cleaning the house, will get done” - Chanelle Brennan


Have A Dedicated Space

Boundaries are essential when you are working from home. Ideally, you will have a dedicated room (with a door) for your office. Kids, pets, and spouses can easily distract you. Having space where you can go to focus and get things done will ensure that your time is structured and will leave you feeling less stressed. At the end of your workday, walk away and close the door. Imagine yourself “leaving the office” to end your workday mentally. 


If your current home isn’t conducive to working remotely, contact our agents today. We can tailor your home search to include the perfect home office space so you can work confidently and with less stress.