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Daniel Rothrock, MPM, RMP- 2020 President Tampa Bay Chapter of NARPM®, 2022 President-Elect Florida State Chapter of NARPM®


Bill Hague, RMP- 2022 President-Elect Tampa Bay Chapter of NARPM®


It's a much-celebrated achievement, the result of years of hard work and dedication to a cause. In 2022 Eaton Realty will be home to both the Florida State and Tampa Bay NARPM® Presidents. 

NARPM®, or the National Association of Residential Property Managers, is a national association of real estate professionals that understand the unique needs of residential property management and work together alongside government and industry professionals to bring about legislative change, promote continuing education, and works to support Property Managers at every level. 

Across the country, there are few licensing requirements for residential property managers. In fact, in many places, a property manager doesn't even need a real estate license. That means there are also few if any, continuing education requirements, and most of the time, those requirements have little to do with Property Management. NARPM® represents a select number of Property Management professionals that have made the decision to embark on a journey dedicated to Fair Housing, a higher standard of business ethics, and add their voices to the legislative matters that affect both landlords and tenants alike. 

Over the years, members of Eaton Realty's Property Management Team have served in many leadership positions of the Tampa Bay Chapter of NARPM®. From Committee Chairs, Chapter Officers, and Lobby Activists, we have a passion for Property Management and a desire to have it recognized as its own unique industry. Plus, we believe that our clients deserve only the highest level of service, which requires us to learn and grow to meet those expectations. NARPM® offers us an opportunity to achieve that growth. 

When asked why he chose to become a NARPM® member Owner Specialist Bill Hague said "I want to be a master in my trade. I like that the more you put in, the more you get out of it. The industry is always changing and you need to be aware of those changes. The only way to stay on top of those changes is to be involved in professional groups such as NARPM®."

We asked Daniel Rothrock where he sees himself going after his time as State President and he said that he was interested in the opportunity to become an ambassador at the regional level and possibly a Regional Vice President one day. He is excited to involve himself in more legislative matters at the state level that will have a lasting impact on the industry. 

For now, both Bill and Daniel are excited about the long-term opportunities their Presidential tenures will provide as well as the knowledge and experience they will be able to gain that will ultimately benefit both landlords and tenants in not just Tampa Bay, but across Florida and farther. 

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