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Submitting A Winning Offer

You set up your search criteria and toured countless homes. When you find your perfect home, make sure your offer doesn't ruin your chances of calling it yours. Follow these tips, and talk to your agent to make sure you put your best foot forward and get your offer accepted. 


  • Make it Fast
    In real estate, time kills all deals. When a homeowner decides to sell, they are ready to have the whole thing done. If you love a home, make it yours as quickly as possible. Extending closing dates, inspections, and contingency periods will frustrate a seller. Once you submit an offer, make sure you're available to respond quickly to questions or counter-offers. Now is not the time to go camping out of cell phone range unless you are willing to risk losing the home because you were unavailable. 
  • Keep It Simple
    Closing costs, home warranties, and extra contingencies all clutter up the purchase offer. The seller will follow the path of least resistance when the numbers make sense. Don't ruin your chances of having your offer accepted by sending through a messy, complicated contract. If you plan to ask for seller concessions, make sure you make it worth their time by offering up incentives of your own.
  • Show You're Serious
    The last thing home sellers want to deal with is a "tire-kicker," especially in a multiple offer situation. Showing that you're taking the offer seriously will reassure the seller and increase your chances of getting your purchase offer accepted. A lot of sellers, and brokerages, will add offer instructions to the MLS listing. Speed up the time it takes for your offer to be presented by following these instructions and submitting any requested documentation. Including your Pre-Approval Letter, signing any provided disclosures, and even including a personalized letter to the seller will put you at the front of the offer pack. 

Throughout the offer writing and submission process, your agent will be instrumental to your success. Just as you want to ensure you respond quickly, your agent should remain available to negotiate on your behalf. What's more, your agent should know the process and have their finger on the market's pulse to ensure that you are submitting a competitive offer.


Looking for more? Our FREE PDF "Getting Your Offer Accepted" has you covered. Get your copy today.

If you're ready to start looking for homes to buy in Tampa Bay, an Eaton Realty REALTOR should be your first call. They will help narrow your search down to homes that meet your needs. When you find "the one," their experience will be invaluable not just in the negotiation process but to closing. Contact an agent today to get started.



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