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Pet-Friendly Home Buying Tips

There's no doubt about it- we love our dogs. So much so that 75% of pet owners have stated they would pass on their dream home if it didn't work for their animals according to a realtor.com survey. With that in mind, follow these tips to ensure your home isn't just people-friendly, but pet-friendly too!

1. The Yard

Finding a home with the perfect yard is usually at the top of a pet owner's search criteria. More than just enough grass for your dog to do their business, there are a few other things to consider.

  • Does the yard have a fence? The last thing you want is to be chasing your dog down the street in your PJs. If you will need to have a fence installed, make sure to check community height and material regulations.
  • Muddy Madness. We live in Florida, and the reality is that it rains a lot. You'll want to make sure you have a plan for muddy paws BEFORE the mud comes into your new home. Crushed gravel pathways and covered hard surface patios will go a long way to keeping paws clean. If all else fails, consider where your dog will be entering back into the home and place a large area rug to contain any mess.

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2. Flooring

When it comes to ideal flooring, pet owners are divided. On one side, you'll find those that swear to only having hard surface floors, such as tile and laminate, and for a good reason. Whether the muddy mess mentioned above, puppy accidents, or constant shedding, hard floors make clean up easy. The downfall? Hard surface floors can be slippery, and your pup can get hurt if their feet slip out from under them when running around corners. Carpeted floors can not only help keep them up on all four legs but can also help cut down on dust. For this reason, a lot of pet owners will invest in area rugs to keep around the home.

3. The Floor Plan

Your home's layout is an important consideration. If you have large breed dogs in smaller rooms, it can feel like you always have to step over them. Does your new home have space for all of their gear? Beds and dog crates can take up space you don't have. Another important consideration- stairs. Do you want your dog to have access to all areas of your home? It might be especially difficult for older dogs that won't be able to go up and down stairs comfortably.

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4. Pet-Friendly Communities

Does your pup love to socialize? Communities are becoming more pet-friendly, and you can easily find some that offer pet-friendly amenities like clubhouses with dog treats and watering areas, dog walking stations, and dog parks. On the other hand, not all communities will be welcoming to your dog. Did you know that some HOAs restrict the size, number, and types of pets you can own? If you are buying a home with an HOA in place, make sure you thoroughly read the bi-laws. Being stuck with a house that won't allow your furry friend is the last thing you want.

If you've been searching for the perfect place that will fit your pet's needs, you aren't alone. Visit our Homes For Sale page today to start searching for your next pet-friendly home!

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