Why do I need to use an agent to buy or sell a home?

Why do I need to use an agent to buy or sell a home?

Would you go to court without a lawyer, or invest hundreds of thousands into the stock market without the guidance of a financial planner? Then why leave your biggest asset to chance without the proper guidance and service you can receive from a trained professional?

Why use an agent for the sale of your home?

  • Real estate contracts are complex. Laws and regulations change frequently. Licensed real estate agents are required to take continuing education classes each year to stay on top of these changes. For some certifications, agents must even sell a certain number of homes per year to maintain those credentials. Similar to that of an attorney or C.P.A.
  • When you choose to use a licensed real estate agent, you have access to their wide network of inspectors, lenders and other professionals that they have vetted and trust. If an agent doesn’t have the answer, chances are, they know someone that does.
  • Your agent will be just as invested in selling your home. Sure you can post your own home online, but your agent has access to the MLS- the #1 search tool for other agents. Additionally, they spend the marketing dollars to ensure your home makes the best first impression and shows up everywhere. Often, they will reach out to their network of other agents to pitch your home and will follow up for feedback after every showing. It is their goal to sell your home as quickly as possible at top dollar.

Why use an agent to purchase a home?

  • First and foremost, it’s important to point out that you receive free guidance and support when you have an agent assist you with a home purchase. It’s important to note again that contracts, escrow deposits, and inspections can be very complex and confusing if you aren’t an avid real estate investor.
  • Using a licensed agent allows you to be represented and your needs/goals met during the buying process. Your agent is strictly in your corner and will go to bat for you. They are your personal firefighter, problem solver and therapist.
  • They use multiple search outlets to find your perfect home. Not all listings show up on internet sites. Your agent will have their ear to the ground to hear about potential listings before they come available. They will communicate your needs to other agents in their network. They can set up multiple search parameters in the MLS to narrow the search to only homes that meet those needs. Want a first-floor master, a fenced yard and granite counters? Those are all search fields, saving you from having to look through thousands of photos of homes that don’t meet your criteria

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